Lavish Pearl Leggings

Far too often we find ourselves dreaming about the "Lavish" lifestyle others are living.

The definition of Lavish is: sumptuously rich or luxurious. What most people don't know is Lavish can also be used to describe a person (not just materialistic things). The definition of Lavish (of a person) is: very generous or extravagant. Thats the kind of Lavish dream of here at MuscledUp.

Someone living Lavish is the one that brings a smile to your face, a random compliment given to a stranger,  a "#goals" comment on a gym selfie. 

The Lavish Leggings are functional for a wide range of workouts. They have been tested in every fitness setting, from bodybuilding to Crossfit. They are very light weight and form fit to all body types. What makes these leggings so amazing is the unique texture that spreads across the entirety of the legging. It not only accentuates your best assets, but also simultaneously masks any flaws (cellulite). Once you try them on you will be in love.

Live Lavishly

So be it, live it, love it.