July 18, 2019 3 min read

Wellness sits somewhere between bikini and physique. This means a competitor in the wellness division will be assessed as to its overall body tone, achieved through athletic endeavours and diet. The body parts should have a nice and firm appearance with a decreased a decreased amount of body fat, similar to that displayed in the bikini category. The physique should neither be excessively muscular nor excessively lean and should be free from muscle separation and or striations. Physiques that are considered too muscular, too hard or too dry must be marked down. Competitors are reminded that this is not a figure or physique category in that the competitor should have shape to their muscle but not the separation, definition, very low body fat level, dryness or hardness that may be seen in a figure category or muscularity and muscle quality seen at women's physique category.

The assessment of the physique, judging criteria and rounds are the same as women's bikini. Competitors will perform quarter turns in all rounds plus an individual 'I' walk presentation in the finals. Vertical proportions - legs to upper body length- are one the key factors. Horizontal proportions of hips and waist to shoulder width may favour women with slightly bigger hips, thighs and buttocks.


There are four categories in Women’s Wellness Fitness world-level competitions, currently as follows:
  • Class A: Up to and incl. 158 cm
  • Class B: Up to and incl. 163 cm
  • Class C: Up to and incl. 168 cm
  • Class D: Over 168 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

-Level of conditioning?

We are looking for conditioning almost on par with Bikini athletes, but the athletes will have slightly more muscle. We want to see a little body fat with slight separation but no striations.

-Abs defined like Figure or less defined like Bikini?

As it currently is in Bikini.

-Shoulders? Rounded & Capped like Figure and Women’s Physique or less pronounced like Bikini?

Slightly more developed than Bikini and a little less than Figure, but not as lean and with no striations. Not like Women’s Physique.

-How much definition for quads?

The quads should display an athletic appearance with slight separation but no striations. Not as lean and defined as Figure and Women’s Physique.

-Glute Development?

Full round glutes with a slight separation between the hamstring and glute area but no striations, as is in place for the Bikini Division. Glutes will be bigger than current Bikini competitors. They will not be as lean and defined as Figure and Women’s Physique.

-Rules & Restrictions on suits?

Suits have the same rules that are currently in place for all of our other divisions. Suits can be customized with “bling”. Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit. The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped. All swimsuits must be in good taste. Athletes will be warned about improper suits and are advised to bring two (2) suits to check in. Athletes will be scored down if the suit is not up to standard. As with all other divisions, No thongs or No T-back suits allowed.

-Rules & Restrictions on shoes and heels?

Shoes and heels same rules that are currently in place for the Bikini division.

-Rules & Restrictions on jewelry?

Jewelry same rules that are currently in place for the Bikini and Figure divisions.

-Rules & Restrictions on posing oil or not?

No Posing Oil but can be “glazed” as is currently done for the Bikini and Figure divisions.

Sources: IFBB & NPC Online